Blackbird takes pride in our ability to effectively and efficiently market and promote auctions.

This is how our clients and customers feel about our work.

I would like to make it known that working with David and everyone at Blackbird was a great experience! Having had to close up shop at a sister company (Jamestown Fabricated Steel) is hassle enough let alone having to unload any assets involved, and Blackbird made that process substantially simpler!

Everyone there was very pleasant to work with and David was straightforward with every aspect of the auction. There was no “beating around the bush” or shady dealings going on with those guys! Professional all the way.

For anyone in the market for an auctioneer, I highly recommend Blackbird asset services for any commercial / industrial auctions. They know their business and take care of their customers.

Corey Duggan

Owner, Duggan & Duggan General Contractor, Inc.

I really can’t say enough about David, his team, and the service they provide. I could have never managed through the sale of all Matt’s equipment without them. David and his team were extremely professional, knowledgeable and went above and beyond by working long hours in an effort to get all the items in my barn organized, presented in the best light and sold at the best premium.

But it was not only the service they provided and the assistance they offered me, it was the nature in which they conducted themselves. They were super sensitive to the difficult nature of an estate auction which I truly appreciated. David kept me in the loop every step of the way by maintaining constant communication and through the entire process I always felt confident that he genuinely had the sole objective of obtaining the best possible outcome with my best interest in mind. His knowledge, contacts and the service he and his team provided proved to be invaluable to me.

I would highly recommend Blackbird without hesitation!

Cathy McArdle

Mesa Bioenergy

My husband owned Mark Manufacturing Inc., a small machine shop located in the city of Buffalo. This past July, he died suddenly and the decision was made to close the business. My son and I were faced with the task of selling the contents of the shop (machines, tooling, and office equipment). I am a retired teacher and have no experience whatsoever in the manufacturing industry. I did not know where to begin and what to do. I asked around and Blackbird Asset Services was recommended. When David came to the machine shop, I was impressed with his knowledge and experience in this area. I felt a sense of relief and knew I was in good hands. David kept me updated throughout the entire process. Donnie did a thorough job of organizing the contents of the shop for the auction and coordinated the removal of the machines, tooling, etc. David did everything he said he was going to do in the timeframe he provided. He even offered guidance on issues not related to auction. I highly recommend Blackbird Asset Services for the outstanding job they did. Lastly, thank you David and Donnie for helping my son and I through this difficult time.
Linda Figiel

We have done business with David Fiegel since 1997, and Blackbird Asset Services since its inception. We have found David and his team to be exceptional professionals that go the extra distance for customer service. David’s extensive knowledge, experience, contacts and resources in valuation and asset recovery has made him a terrific partner in these areas. Blackbird has helped us work through some very challenging asset recovery scenarios over the last 20 years, and we are very pleased with the results—as are our clients and colleagues.
Otto Cuyler

Cuyler FoodPro

Any worry we had about the risk of selling our business assets with multiple properties at auction was completely put at ease by Blackbird’s professionalism. Not only did Blackbird surpass a previous entirety offer, but they doubled it at auction. To call that a satisfactory outcome would be a severe understatement.


Concrete Delivery

I highly recommend David Fiegel and Blackbird Auctions and Valuations. David and his team complete their services and conduct themselves with superb competence, outstanding professionalism, excellent communication, timely responsiveness, great attention to detail, and gritty diligence.

My recommendation is based on two wonderful experiences where their expertise was beneficial. The first was a complicated valuation for a manufacturing business with much sophisticated equipment, and the most recent was a valuation of the assets of a transportation and logistics company. In both circumstances, their work was completed in a manner that was sophisticated yet understandable, with integrity so that the final reported results can be used for multiple purposes.

I am very grateful for knowing and utilizing David and Blackbird, and they have earned my highest recommendation.

Mark Jentsch

President, Golf Car Express

Dear David,

Here it is almost two months after the auction is over and just now the building is cleaned and ready for sale. The last of my closing details are complete and finally I have a moment to reflect. I would like to share with you my impressions after having worked with your organization, Blackbird Asset Services, LLC.

As a voluntary asset sale, I as well as my people had a unique opportunity to observe your operation in action and work side by side with your team. It was in truth a wonderful experience. I thank you in particular for your patience with my many questions and multiple “but what if” queries. I know I tested you. Prior to deciding on an auction there was some thought as to selling the equipment item by item hoping for a greater monetary return. I am so thankful I did not choose that route. After witnessing all that is involved in set-up, rigging, advertising, etc.; I now know I would have been overwhelmed. For me the outcome would have been a nightmare yielding far less overall value for my assets and far more stress for me.

Why was my experience so positive? Let me explain…

  1. Realistic evaluations with results above expectations.
  2. Detailed budget projections, a final sales report that was well constructed and an expense report detailed and to my benefit. I would never have been able to verify the time you used, yet you billed me under budget. Your honesty is refreshing.
  3. Excellent communication along with updates between all parties.
  4. On site quality people. Your shop team transformed over 20,000 sq.ft. of varied and scattered tooling into an organized layout ready for sale. Don, your lead man, did a great job. He listened to input from my people and used what was appropriate. Everyone worked together wonderfully.
  5. Your front office team did an incredible job promoting the sale and handling all the paperwork. (Of which there is far more than I ever would have imagined.)  All I had to do was receive final payment, promptly given by the way.
  6. The after auction removal of equipment was constantly monitored by Don. The majority of my machines were large and he ensured safe removal with zero damage to my building or interior structures.
  7. And finally, just as you warned me could happen, there was a hiccup in the process. (This is where you know the quality of the company you are dealing with.) A couple of the machines took longer to be removed than initially promised. Blackbird stayed on top of the situation and pressured people to make sure everything was removed.

David, you have an extremely organized and very professional operation. You should be proud. I would recommend Blackbird Asset Services to anyone contemplating an asset sale. Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job.

Mary A. Pietsch

President, E.B. Trottnow Machine Specialties, Inc.

…yesterday’s auction, gotta say it was one of the highlights of my career thus far. The intensity of the moment reminded me of my football days right before the first snap of the game. What a rush.
Benjamin H. Kail

RBC Real Estate Capital Partners

Recently worked with Blackbird on a very challenging industrial manufacturing liquidation project. Blackbird did a great job under very difficult circumstances. The results were outstanding and I would utilize their services again!
Michael Brummer

Business Consultant

Thanks for saving my bacon (once again)…I really appreciate your help. As I told my colleagues Blackbird goes above and beyond.
Mary Lannon Fangio, Trustee

Whitlaw and Fangio

I am not sure if you are aware of this, but I was referred to your company by a competitor of yours who did not have the time to complete the appraisal that I needed for the purchase of a business that had a significant number of pieces of equipment. I was under an extremely tight schedule to get the appraisal done before closing. You not only performed your task in a timely fashion but your work product was exemplary. Thank you for a fine job.
Ross Cellino

As a workout manager for two major financial institutions, I have had the pleasure to work with David Fiegel over the past 15 years. David is a consummate professional – with the skills, insight, and wisdom to which I often turn. Most importantly, he is a professional with the highest integrity. He calls it straight – he never seeks to gain your business by telling you what you want to hear. And – the results never disappoint. David always exceeds our expectations – even in the most difficult of market environments. Furthermore, David’s expertise and experience in bankruptcy matters and issues near to the hearts of creditors are added bonuses – certain to make the work of his clients easier. Please know that I recommend Blackbird wholeheartedly and without hesitation.
J.Richard Baker

Senior Vice President, Special Assets Department, Regions Bank

As an attorney specializing in business restructuring for over 25 years, I have had the opportunity to work closely with David Fiegel in connection with several commercial liquidations.

David has extensive experience and vast knowledge of the asset liquidation industry including the commercial real estate market, private, online and on-site auction sales and sealed bid offerings. David has demonstrated keen insight along with exceptional communication, interpersonal and organizational skills. David views challenges with an open mind and a positive attitude. David is also a pleasure to work with.

I would highly recommend David and Blackbird Asset Services without reservation.

Stephen Donato, Esq.

Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC

Closure of a manufacturing facility leaves the organization with the challenge of what to do with: redundant plant equipment, engineering spares, office equipment and the list goes on and on. Most companies are not equipped to handle this process on their own and so I enlisted David’s help with a major facility in upstate NY. He acted with professionalism and integrity in guiding us through a difficult process which included: private sale of major pieces of equipment offshore, organizing and executing an auction and finally scrapping equipment leaving us with just the shell. In summary, David delivered on his promises and I would have no hesitation in recommending Blackbird to you for such process.
John Walters

1-2-1 Business Consulting