Beyond the Ordinary


Auction theory can predict the value of any item using this formula:

However, auctions are not conducted on a calculator—which is why Blackbird doesn’t theorize. We increase revenue by managing crowd psychology, bringing our clients maximum return for their assets. Our appraisal reports are articulately researched for accurate assessments reflecting our professional opinion.


Blackbird never loses sight of the endgame. In any liquidation plan, we’ll identify the details and address the pain that might come with the situation. Multiple data points are referenced when forming value opinions. We prefer to leave the guesswork to others.


Blackbird relies on relationships—not databases.

Over the years, we have cultivated a reliable network of industry specialists in countless industries. These connections not only help us assign values, but to also set expectations for clients selling assets. These relationships help connect us with the right audience—bringing you the maximum return for your assets.


The selling process is determined by specifics—because it matters if you need to sell within 90 days, or if the union is hostile. It also matters if we are describing a “building and real estate,” or the business that your family built with the blood, sweat, and tears of three generations.

The devil isn’t the only one invested in the details.


Blackbird is a boutique auction and valuation firm that understands the unique needs of secured creditors, bankruptcy trustees, and complex chapter 11 cases.

Using an adaptive process, Blackbird optimizes sellers’ returns while maintaining seller flexibility—because each situation has unique circumstances, asset values, and target markets. We deliver personal service with attention to detail that resolves the challenges that sellers may encounter.

Blackbird provides certified appraisal reports for machinery, equipment and inventory on the front end (line) and back end (workout), serving lenders nationwide. Our appraisals are Uniform Standards of Appraisal Practice (USPAP) compliant, using customized or standard definitions of value to best suit the clients situation.

From the initial valuation to the final hard asset sale, let Blackbird be your trusted advisor.