One Man’s Trash…

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 | Blog

It seems that in the Eastern part of the neighborhood (where a lot of construction and renovation is taking place) there is a lack of options to get coffee. For some in my office coffee is the only thing that gets them through the day – and they are simply sitting at a desk.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of this little enterprise is its creative use of “reclaimed” furnishings and fixtures. Most, if not all of its contents are living a second life. From the wooden counter and table tops to the lighting to the bases of the service station (an old wooden staircase, turned on its side). Everything in the shop served another purpose for another owner at one time, and was unmistakably second-hand. But nothing seemed out of place, and everything had a very specific function in its new home.  In a rather extreme manner, this illustrates the fundamental basis of our auction business at Blackbird.

The value of an item is optimized when the right end-user can be found. An ice cube is more valuable in the desert than the arctic. With this in mind, we have the capabilities to find the right buyers across a spectrum of industries and locations. Our process ensures the likelihood of the most optimal outcome largely because we take the time to research where and for whom that item can best be used again. We integrate the results of this research into an auction marketing program designed to drive users to our auction sale, not simply advertise the assets being sold. We have been a consumption-based society, where most everything is disposable.

But for better or worse, we are becoming thrifty again, and “reuse” is not such a bad term after all. This applies to everything from office furnishings to stamping presses. We’re in the business of optimizing value, primarily using auction sales. Our goal is to find the best possible buyer for every asset we sell.