Unused / New in Crates

Ethanol Platform. Skidded system. Quick connect / disconnect fittings for ease of operation, Turnkey system with all utilities, No Winterizing necessary, In-line filtration, Recovers up to 100 gallons of ethanol per hour. All stainless steel. Still in original Crates.

Consists of the following

(3) Eden Labs High Performance Solvent Recovery System. (500-gallon) to include:

  • 500-gallon jacketed tank: includes lid, closures, seal ring, transfer pump, and heating system.
  • 500 gallon Conical lid with Tri-clamp outlet, cone has 3 picking eyehooks.
  • Tube in Shell External Condenser complete with connection to Conical Lid & Adaptors.
  • Vacuum Pump and Manifold.
  • Falling Film Accessory-Mixer air driven, sanitary, vacuum-rated for use with Eden Labs Solvent Recovery System.
  • 84KW, air-cooled chiller with 460/3/60 power, casters, expansion tank, and remote control.

2 ea. 100 Gallon Vacuum Rated Jacketed Solvent Recovery Vessel.

(3) High Performance Extraction System (100-gal) to include:

100-gal jacketed tank:

  • includes lid, closures, seal ring, and transfer pump.
  • 100-gal still basket with tank, lid, gasket, basket crossbar for basket removal.
  • Spray Ball for shower-mode extraction.
  • Filtration system, includes Lenticular, Housing Sight Glasses, and Carbon Filters.
  • Touch Science Chiller DLSB 50-80 Model cryo-capable.
  • Top-Mount Air Driven Mixer with Folding Impellers. (6)
  • SST 100 Gallon Jacketed Tank.

12 GAL shell with sanitary rim top 2pc hinge cover with handle. Designed to heat or chill liquid at atmospheric pressure. -CP Compressor, 30 hp. 3ph. Tri-Volt, 125 psi Base Mount Changed to 35 hp gear drive with 400 gallon.

Remote tank complete with dryer, particulate and coalescing filter as well as installation components and gauges.

More Information

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